Five Star Review by Matt

June 12, 2020

Balance Chiropractic Clinics Boise Remarkable Five Star Review by Matt

Dr. Troy: Hi, I’m Dr. Troy with Balance Chiropractic Clinic. I’m sitting here with Matt today. He’s been a patient in the office for a couple of months now. He just wanted to share his experience with you and what he’s gone through as a patient with arthritis.

Matt: The experience has been fantastic. I had an extreme back injury almost 10 years ago. I’ve gone to multiple chiropractors and different doctors offices to try and be more comfortable. Just in the last couple months, my quality of life has improved drastically from pain decreased significantly to range of motion, definitely been impressed with the per client attention that you get here. It is unbelievable. Dr. Troy does an amazing job and would definitely refer him to anyone that’s suffering daily or just wants to feel better.

Dr. Troy: Awesome. Thanks a lot, man.

Matt: No problem.

Dr. Troy: Appreciate it. Appreciate it.

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