Best Chiropractor For Kids In Boise Idaho

April 11, 2020

Best Pediatric Chiropractor Boise For Kids

Hi, I’m Dr. Troy Norris with Balance Chiropractic Clinic. Today I want to talk to you about kids and chiropractic. We often times get asked a question, “I see that you take care of kids in the office. Why do they need chiropractic care?”

Why Kids Need A Chiropractor?

There’s really 2 reasons why kids need a pediatric chiropractor. The first is the parents are most often times are already patients in the clinic, and they understand that you’re nervous system is what goes out and influences every cell tissue muscle and organ in your body.

They understand that the premise behind chiropractic is to reduce stress to your nervous system so that your body can function the way it was intended to.

At what age should you see a chiropractor?

We also have that group of people that bring their kids, safe for infants & 2 year old age for chiropractic services, because maybe they’ve heard that it can help with ear infections. Or It can help with colic. It can help with bed wetting. There’s different reasons that people bring their children in, but those are 3 that we often times see because they’ve tried different alternatives.

They’ve had a series of antibiotics over and over again, or they had trips to the urologist. They’re using different alarm type of systems to startle the child when they start to wet the bed.

Can a pediatric chiropractor help with behavior?

Really, chiropractic, whether it be that you’re coming in for wellness care, whether it be that you’re coming in with a condition, our main focus is to decrease stress to the nervous system. On this chart, we are able to point out areas, the upper most portion of the neck, that’s an area that goes out and influences into your eyes, your ears, blood supply to the head.

When kids come in and they have ear infections, that’s an area to target. Do they have a misalignment? Is it from falling down as they’re starting to develop and walk? Is it from a traumatic birthing process?

There’s a multitude of reasons why it can occur as well when kids come in, and they have bed wetting issues. Do that have a misalignment down in the lowest portion of their back? That’s an area that goes out and affects the bowel, the bladder, reproductive organs.

Is chiropractic care good for children?

Chiropractic, I’m not saying is a cure all. It’s really about maximizing nerve flow. If you’re into checking out an alternative for yourself, seeing if a pediatric chiropractor could maybe help your child or help you, just take a look at us on our website at, or give our office a call and one of myteam members would love to get you scheduled to see if it’s a chiropractic issue that we can help you with.

Our office number is 208-344-4469. We have been in practice, have been in business since 1995.
We’ve helped a ton of kids, and we look forward to helping your child if it’s something you want to try. I look forward to helping you, and we’ll see you soon

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