Pregnancy Pain

The American Chiropractic Association just released this useful information for moms to be. Pregnancy can cause a great strain on a woman’s body. With the baby growing women can feel pain in their back, legs, buttocks, and experience increased pressure on her sciatic nerve. Chiropractic care can help! Chiropractic is a safe non-drug non-surgical approach to back pain. Chiropractic care can also be helpful after childbirth. In the eight weeks following labor the ligaments begin to tighten up again. Any problems brought on during pregnancy from improper lifting/reaching should be addressed before the ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy state.

Lower Back Pain & Pregnancy

What Our Patients Say About Us

Client Liana

Liana C Boise

I have been seeing Dr. Troy for years! Started with chronic headaches due to neck and shoulder issues, and he was able to treat me, and teach me techniques to do on my own, to make it better. I now only go see him for maintenance - tune ups, as I no longer have the issues I had before. My entire family goes to him, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to feel their best! The entire staff in so friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

Client Emily

Emily H Boise

Dr. Troy has been keeping my back & neck aligned for over 10 years and is always able to get me fixed up. From the daily strain that comes from computer work or carrying around a baby to the occasional more painful episodes, it's always nice to have a place to go to feel better! All the staff are wonderful & caring.

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