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Justin L Boise

I work on a computer 10 hours a day and also 'try' to stay active, so I'm prone to neck and back tightness and stiffness. Dr. Troy has done an incredible job keeping me out of pain and really promotes preventative work to keep me healthy. The staff is super nice and the overall setup is very professional. I would highly recommend his office!

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Lauren H Boise

Very glad I found a chiropractor to trust and have their help! Very great customer service & advise! Dr. Norris is working with my recent accident and history of Fibromyalgia. Not to mention their office is beautiful and check in system is easy. 😁 I'm feeling better and better everyday thank goodness!

Client Liana

Liana C Eagle

I have been seeing Dr. Troy for years! Started with chronic headaches due to neck and shoulder issues, and he was able to treat me, and teach me techniques to do on my own. I no longer have the issues. I would highly recommend him.

Client Emily

Emily H Meridian

Dr. Troy has been keeping my back & neck aligned for over 10 years and is always able to get me fixed up. From the daily strain that comes from computer work or carrying around a baby, it's always nice to have a place to go to feel better!

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Client James

Joshua M


Troy helped me through some back challenges I had a few years back. I saw him for a period of six months and the treatments completely changed my life. I was so happy with him and his team. Troy treats you with several different approaches. He does the traditional back work that you would expect at a chiropractor. But he also treats you with physical therapy (he had lots of exercises for me to do). Good work Troy!

Client Kevin

Kevin M


I had a snowboarding accident that threw out a rib and Balance Chiropractic was able to help get things back in place with ease. There was no added discomfort and the staff was very friendly to work with. I highly recommend them.

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