Bedwetting and Chiropractic

April 5, 2020

Chiropractor Help for Bedwetting

Hi. Dr. Troy Norris here with Balance Chiropractic. Today I want to talk with you just briefly with regards to bed-wetting and chiropractic. We’ve been having patients inquire, ‘Is their a chiropractor for bedwetting problems?’

Can a chiropractor help with child bedwetting?

Chiropractic is not a cure for bed-wetting problems or nocturnal enuresis. It’s not a cure for stomach problems or a bad bladder. The biggest thing we look for in chiropractic is we look for an area of your spine that you have a misalignment with, and we call that a subluxation in chiropractic.

When you have a subluxation, it interferes with nerve flow, and there for your body is not going to be able to function at 100%. Some people, they express pain with that. Other people have other systems changes or a reflex. I just want to be clear with regards to that.

Why does my child still wet the bed?

Just a little case study with regards to it. We had a young man that came in. His name was Steve. About 15 years of age. He has had bed-wetting problems his entire life. He can’t get that under control. His father has taken him to the urologist, to the pediatrician, and they’ve done different forms of treatment to try to stop nocturnal enuresis from occurring.

His father asked if we would maybe take a look at him and see if we could help his bladder. We evaluated him from a chiropractic standpoint to see if he had an area of misalignment, and we found that his sacrum was out of alignment, which was ultimately irritating his nervous system. We went ahead and we adjusted him.

What age is nocturnal enuresis a problem?

I’m standing here in front of what we call our Neuropatholator just to show you … I know it’s not the greatest picture, but I want you to see that, from a standpoint … Those nerves in your lower back go down into your legs, but as well, if you look, that upper region, that’s your bladder, then in women, lower portion, that’s a uterus. The bladder urine is controled by a muscle and nerves connected through your spine.  

When we adjusted him, we got the pressure off that lower portion of his back, decreased the stress to his nervous system, and he no longer wet the bed. It completely changed this 15-year-old’s life. Now he has dry nights.

Offering Bed Wetting Chiropractic Treatment

I don’t know if that would be the situation for your child or other patients, but if you’ve never tried chiropractic, look at a chiropractor for nighttime wetting. Give our office a call to examine the nerves and relief enuresis.

We’ve helped a lot of kids in our 21 years of being in chiropractic that have had bed-wetting problems. If you’re interested in a free consultation, give my team a call.

Speak with Johnny or Colette. You can call them at (208) 344-4469, and we look forward to seeing you and serving you here in our office. Have an excellent day, and see you soon.

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