Five Star Review by Herb

June 15, 2020

When to see a chiropractor for back pain

Troy: Hi, Dr. Troy here with Balance Chiropractic. I’m sitting here with Herb. Herb’s been a patient in the office for a little over seven years. He wants to share his spine pain with you.

Herb: When I came in here seven years ago, I was walking like a comma. I put up with that for about three weeks. Could not straighten out. I thought, “It’s going to get better. It’s going to be better.” I’ve lifted weights all my life and I thought, “Maybe I pulled something.” Never got any better.

See a chiropractor for lower back pain near you

I finally made the call to say, “Okay, let’s come in.” Was referred to Dr. Troy by a doctor and came in and he took x-rays and he was quite honest right from the start, saying that, “You’re that close to, maybe, sending you to a surgeon, but let’s give this a try.”

Within two weeks, two weeks, I was walking straight and never have had, really, a problem since. Work out three times a week, come in here usually after the workouts, not because I need to because of pain, but just to keep in tune.

Avoid lower back surgery

Been doing that for seven years and, boy, it’s so much better than getting cut on. Have heard too many horror stories about people that have got cut on three, four, five times and are still miserable and now it’s irreparable damage done, whereas this is all natural and it works.

Dr. Troy: Awesome. Thanks, Herb.

Herb: Okay.

Dr. Troy: That was awesome.

Herb: You betcha.

Dr. Troy: Thank you.

Herb: Okay.

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