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June 18, 2020

Chronic Back Pain Testimonial

Dr. Troy: Hi, Dr. Troy here with Balance Chiropractic. I just wanted to send out a little testimonial video today of a patient by the name of Carrie.

Carrie is a 57 year old presented to the office and was very, very skeptical of chiropractic care. She came in and said that she’s had prior experiences on several different occasions that just didn’t work for her, but she wanted to give it a try again. She primarily came into our office saying that she wanted laser therapy because chiropractic just wasn’t resonating with her anymore.

We did a complete consultation exam as well as x-rays and we noticed that she had quite extensive chronic conditions going on with, not only her cervical spine, but her lumbar spine as well. I talked to her about different techniques.

That’s the main point of my video today, is a lot of times people think that when you go to the chiropractor, it has to be that deep, manual adjustment to your lower back or neck or your mid-back. But we have a variety of tools in our office that allow us to get awesome results and satisfy a person’s healthcare goals.

If you’re one of those people out there that’s skeptical because you’re concerned that it might hurt, give our office a call and let’s see if we can do something that’s right for you to help you with your condition and help you live that life that you’re intended to live.

Call our office, Balance Chiropractic Clinic, speak with one of my team members. Our phone number is 208-344-4469. We hope to give you the experience that we gave to Carrie. We look forward to hearing from you, give us a call.

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