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April 16, 2019

Can Cold Laser Therapy Help Back Pain?

Want to know how to use cold laser therapy for pain relief?

Dr. Troy Norris talks about using Chiropractic laser therapy to help patients with severe neck and back pain.

When somebody comes in to our clinic with severe neck and back pain, we look at several modalities on how we can help them. We can look to see if they are a candidate for decompression or for laser therapy for pain.

Laser therapy is a very gentle process and there’s very few side effects. If someone comes in with acute or chronic pain, we can use laser therapy to reduce their discomfort.

Laser therapy stimulates cellular activity which triggers an increase production of ATP. ATP provides energy to the cells. It increases bloodstream circulation and helps minimize inflammation. Best of all, laser therapy is a painless procedure.

We use lasers to treat people with neck, lower back pain, numbness and tingling in their legs, disc herniation, plantar fasciitis knee, hip and shoulder pain.

The effect of laser therapy is cumulative. Each treatment builds on the next. Generally, we notice a significant change after we’ve done it four times.

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