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December 15, 2020

What is cold laser therapy good for?

  • Posted By: Balance Chiropractic

Hi Dr. Troy Norris here with Balance Chiropractic. Hey, I just wanted to reach out with you and talk to you briefly with regards to laser therapy. We have a lot of patients that come into our clinic with neck, mid-back, or lower-back pain, and we utilize chiropractic in order to help them. As well, in certain instances we’ll use what we call cold laser therapy. Laser therapy is something that stimulates cellular activity, and so it helps with tissue regeneration and healing. As well, it increases oxygen uptake of the tissues.

How does laser therapy work?

It’s honestly something that’s great. If you are online looking at laser therapy, you may be interested in it. Outside of the spinal regions, laser is something that we utilize with people who have plantar fasciitis, chronic knee pain, shoulder pain, and other extremity pain.

How long does laser therapy last for back pain?

Laser treatment may last as little as 5 minutes, or as long as 20 minutes. The total number of treatments is generally 4-12 depending upon many factors which will be evaluated by Dr Troy. It is important to remember that an immediate relief of back pain does not mean the condition is fully healed.

Is treatment painful?

Patients compare the sensation during laser treatments to a rubber band snapping against their skin. However, what laser resurfacing feels like depends on the laser, the depth and area of treatment, and an individual's tolerance for pain. It can be tingling or burning, some find it soothing with a Class IV laser- the strongest and safest available in Boise.

Reviews cold laser therapy cost

If you’re interested in seeing is laser therapy is something that may help you and you want to see if you’re a candidate, give our office a call. We’ll give you a free consultation, educate you on it. Just give our office a call at (208) 344-4469. You can speak with one of my team members, Johnny or Colette. They’ll get you in to see us. I look forward to seeing you soon, and hope you’re well. Talk to you later, thank you.

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