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August 29, 2020

Unplugging from life’s chaos in 9 steps:

Did you know that 60-90% of all visits to the doctor are directly related to STRESS? Stress has a debilitating affect on our bodies that many of us are not aware of.

So what can we do to minimize it in our daily lives? Lets Disconnect or “unplug” from the cacophony and chaos of life:

Unplug and Destress

The key to unplugging is tuning into YOU. What does an unplugged life look and feel like to you? It might be going off the grid, pursuing your creative passions more, spending more time laughing with friends, releasing a few of those extra-curricular activities you felt you HAD to do, a weekend retreat, or an extended holiday once or twice a year where you don’t have to budget or plan too much.

Unplugging is an act of separating ourselves from what doesn’t align with our values and our heart-centred desires. Saying no to the fears and the things that don’t serve us, and saying yes to our dreams, and to the life connection we crave.

It’s unplugging from:

  • Society’s expectations
  • Schedules and demands
  • Over commitment to tasks and people that don’t matter
  • Overconsumption and materialism
  • The habit of competing, comparing, criticizing
  • A life of should
  • A traditional path that does not make you feel alive (traditional is okay IF it is your mojo).
  • Relationships that don’t serve you.
  • Devices that steal your time with meaningless crap, memes, bullshit, and other people’s drama.
  • This is the chaos that controls your life and causes it to lose its meaning slowly.

To plug back into:

  • Life in its pure form, not through a lens
  • Connecting to those who matter
  • Your culture, traditions, and stories
  • Nature – listening to the birds, feeling the breeze across your cheek, delighting into squirrels collecting acorns, and hugging the occasional tree.
  • Your values and living by them.
  • What you desire and love doing – remember how you played when you were a child and what you loved to do? Reconnect to it.

9 ways to unplug from the chaos and plug back in to life

1. Start the day with yourself

There’s going to come a time, not long after you arise when the world starts pulling at you – whether it’s a hungry child, a spouse that needs help, your scheduled train departure, or an email from your boss or client asking where the completed project is.
When that first pull begins I can guarantee your day will become a domino effect of endless pulls. Before you know it, it’s 9 pm and you’re collapsing in bed with eyes already closed.
Where’s the time for you?
It’s essential to slot time in for yourself the minute you wake up. If that means you wake a little earlier, than wake. You’ll soon discover the benefits of starting your day with you.
Even, if you can only manage five minutes, then do it.
I gift almost an hour to myself of a morning. If for some reason, the chaos takes control back and I miss it, I notice the discontent and grumblings within.
If you can’t do this, ask yourself why? What are you fearing? Why would you avoid giving yourself some quiet serenity and time just to listen to the birds and the beating of your heart?
I promise you, you deserve it.
If you persist in not doing it, then I beg you to do one thing:
NEVER make social media the first thing you bring into your world of a morning.
You may think it’s super cool to show your Snapchat followers your just-woke-up tousled hair and sleepy eyes, but in doing so, you are giving away the chance to start the day with peace, clarity, and your own visions and dreams.
You open social media you get pulled into other people’s dramas and demands, and you lose control.
Nobody else is more important than you. Give yourself space to breathe and connect with YOU. What’s important to your day today?
Five minutes to breathe, contemplate, and feel grateful for breathing is the perfect start.

2. Turn off the news

The world’s a chaotic mess. It’s a given. Turn off the news and you’ll have an entirely different perspective. Turn off the news for at least a week. Then watch it again and pay careful attention to how it makes you feel. I never watch it or read it or listen to it. If it infiltrates my space, I feel sick, a little dead inside, and unplugged from what’s so pure and lovable about life.

3. Add in one new super food into your diet

Unplugging from the chaos also includes reconnecting to a healthier inside! It can be a chaotic exercise in itself to transform your diet. So start slow. Introduce one new super food into your diet (a week if you can).

4. Read an empowering book

Understand the power of our subconscious mind. It creates your reality. Feed your mind with the world you want to create.

5. Explore a new part of your neighborhood or the one next door

Embrace the spirit of it by venturing into a new area close to home. It may even be something as simple as trying a new exotic restaurant, learning to salsa dance, or taking up language classes.

6. Journal

It’s better out than in. That’s why we journal. The chaos of life causes us to stuff down many of the pressures, anxieties, disgruntlement, frustrations and dissatisfactions of the day. Soon you’re overstuffed, and there is only one way for them to come out – in a dysfunctional way.
Take 10 minutes of every evening to write about what you’re stuffing. Let it come out. Nobody is going to read it. Once you clear the junk, clarity has space to speak its wisdom to you.
Finish your journaling with three things you’re grateful for each day.

7. Watch something you love

Whether it’s a TV show, or watching the birds outside, spend a little time watching that you enjoy or that uplifts you.

8. Set clear boundaries with your time and communication

Setting boundaries may be something you find difficult to do.
By boundaries, I mean definite “No. Stop encroaching on my time and stealing my energy.”
Start small. Once you do and you notice the freedom and control you’ll feel, the more you’ll extend those boundaries.
You cannot be everything to everyone. Be strict with your time and spend it on what is important to you.
You can train people how to treat you.

9. How do you want to feel?

Focus less on what you want to do and achieve and more on how you want to feel. Pursue those things that make you feel that way. Any opportunity or demand that enters your life that does not make you feel that way, you have permission to say no.

Say no more the jammed up plugged in lifestyle, and yes more to deeper connections to yourself, to mother nature, and to those you love.

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