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Dr. Troy: Hi, I’m Dr. Troy here with Balance Chiropractic Clinic. I just wanted to do a short little video with regards to achilles tendinitis and laser therapy. We had patient Tom who presented to the office about three weeks ago. He’s been suffering with achilles tendonitis for about ten months now. He’s gone through a course of physical therapy during that period of time, as well as seeing the podiatrist, had injections and as well has had an MRI. Ultimately it came back that he had the achilles tendonitis and nothing was working for him.

He presented to the office. We did laser therapy on him and at this point he’s approximately 80% to 90% improved overall. Feels fantastic. Has not been able to workout, as well as do his job, as satisfactorily as he wants to, and the laser therapy has helped him heal by stimulating the overall cellular activity.

If you’re somebody that has suffered from chronic pain whether it be in that achilles region or in the bottom of your foot as plantar fasciitis, maybe it’s your knees or your shoulders, give our office a call. Laser therapy may be something that can help you. It’s very cost effective, it’s painless and it’s something that has helped lots and lots of people throughout the [valley 00:01:16]. We look forward to serving you here in our office at Balance Chiropractic. Give my team a call at (208) 344-4469. We look forward to serving you and seeing if you’re a candidate for your chronic condition. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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