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Hi Dr. Troy Norris here with balance chiropractic. Hey I just wanted to touch in with you, it’s been a little while since I put out a video, but we’ve been having more women contact our office with regards to pregnancy. Wondering if we take care of women who are pregnant, and how we go about that. So to answer the question, yes we do take care of women who are pregnant. Some people come in early on in their pregnancy where their bodies haven’t changed that much.

They’re here more from a wellness standpoint. They want to improve the function of their spine, the alignment of their spine and therefore decreasing the stress to their nervous system, so their body’s functioning at its optimum. Then we also have those patients that wait later on in their pregnancy where their body’s started to change, the baby’s growing, and they’re coming in with more symptomatology such as more back pain, or lower back pain with sciatica.

So just to touch on that, we are taking care of lady right now, her name’s Stacy. She came in 32 weeks along in her pregnancy and she presented, this is her third baby. She’s 40 years old, and she presented with severe lower back pain, as well as right sciatica. So you might think with somebody that is already having increased growth with their abdomen, how are we able to take care of them? Well first of all we have a pillow that our pregnant patients lay on to make it comfortable for them. And two, from the adjusting standpoint, it’s to their tolerance. I say that in a sense that some women prefer getting adjusted manually, but we’ll only do that as long as their body will tolerate it.

Others we need to utilize what we call lower force techniques, which would be what we call drop work, or activator or impulse work. Those are ways that we’re able to maximize the function of their spine, improve their alignment, decrease their symptomatology and help them throughout their pregnancy until the baby’s born. So if you or somebody who is pregnant, and considering chiropractic care, we’re here for you, we take care of a lot of people that are pregnant that have been in practice now for 21 years, have an awesome team. SO call our office, talk to Johnny, talk to Colette, our phone number is 344-4469 and we look forward to seeing you. Take care, hope to see you soon.

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